Camino de Santiago by bicycle - September 2000

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Credencial del Peregrino cover   Credencial del Peregrino inside   Compostela
Credencial del Peregrino the compostela

2000-09-02: Burgos to Castrojeriz
42.73km, 2h 56m, 14.6km/h
Starting off: Burgos Church at Castrojeriz Hilltop at Castrojeriz

2000-09-03: Castrojeriz to Calzadilla de la Cueza
69.00km, 3h 57m, 17.4km/h
First hill after Castrojeriz Church

2000-09-04: Calzadilla de la Cueza to Mansilla de las Mulas
64.20km, 3h 25m, 18.7km/h
Leaving albergue Morning sun Hobbit houses? Lunch with fellow pilgrims
House top, Reliegos Yes, that's a chimney On the walls at Mansilla de las Mulas

2000-09-05: Mansilla de las Mulas to León
20.17km, 1h 24m, 14.3km/h

2000-09-06: León to Astorga
64.20km, 3h 25m, 18.7km/h
Leaving León Puente de Órbigo Scarecrows
Descent to Astorga

2000-09-07: Astorga to Ponferrada
58.52km, 3h 57m, 14.8km/h, 700m vertical
Astorga cathedral Rabanal del Camino
Foncebadón Cruz del Ferro Cruz del Ferro John
Catching crickets Coming down again Somewhere near Manjarín

2000-09-08: Ponferrada to O Cebreiro
62.21km, 4h 42m, 13.2km/h, 900m vertical
Ponferrada, dawn Motorway construction ascending...
Still 3km horizontal and 300m vertical to go (but the view was nice)...
...1.5km horizontal and 150m vertical to go

2000-09-09: O Cebreiro to Sarria
45.36km, 3h 29m, 13.0km/h
Steepest 50m ever Speedy descent... ...until bits start to fall off
Dampness opportunity

2000-09-10: Sarria to Portomarín
24.29km, 2h 12m, 10.9km/h
100km to go! we're happy

2000-09-11: Portomarín to Ribadiso
54.12km, 4h 02m, 12.9km/h
Following the Galician cartoon signs ...and keeping dry

2000-09-12: Ribadiso to Santiago de Compostela
45.35km, 3h 20m, 13.5km/h
Ribadiso albergue Monument at Monte del Gozo - 6km to go Santiago is... here!

2000-09-13/2000-09-17: after Santiago
1300km by Citroën Xsara Picasso
Hilltop bull thingy
John, piazza, Salamanca...
...which also has streets

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