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This page houses a collection of software I have written for Palm OS, which runs on a variety of small and versatile palmtop computers.

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Overload is a tactical board game for two players. The object of the game is to cover the board with your pieces to the exclusion of the other player.

Overload screenshot

Each player takes turns placing pieces on the board. A piece may be placed either in a free space or on top of a piece already belonging to that player.

When there are too many pieces on a particular space, that space becomes unstable and scatters its contents over the surrounding spaces. In this way, a player can take over more of the board, since the surrounding spaces also become the property of that player.

Overload may be played between two human players or between one human player and the Palm.

Download latest version (0.2):

  over02.sit (60k) / over02.sit.hqx (76k) for Macintosh users
over02.zip (84k) for other platforms
overload.prc (12k) just the .PRC file

Register Overload:

The registration fee for Overload is US$10. You can supply your registration details by running the Register program supplied in the Macintosh and Windows packages, or you can register online through Kagi.

Overload is ©1997-1998 David Graham

This software is shareware. If you decide to keep it, you should pay the registration fee to the author, which covers all future versions. If you can't afford the registration fee, then please send the author a postcard.

Disclaimer: The author takes no responsibility for any loss of data caused by using this software. You may not sell or distribute this software for a fee without express written permission of the author.